Fusarium Oxysporum - Is the AIDS of Date Palm trees. It is crucial to practice "Safe Pruning" when dealing with this disease.

Both the Date Palm and the Reclinata palm have tested posited for being highly susceptible to this deadly disease called Fusarium. Fusarium is a fungus that destroys the vascular system within the tree by entering the palm through wounds usually found on the fronds or roots. Once infected, the tree will begin to decline over a 5-year period.

Any palm infected with Fusarium begin to show signs in their mid-level fronds. The fronds will turn yellow outside of the normal frond life cycle, earlier than they normally would. A common characteristic of this infestation would be yellowing and death on one side of the frond first, then the other side follows leaving you with a dead frond in the end.

Fusarium is the AIDS in these palms because there is no cure. Once infected, the incubation period is between 6-18 months at which time there will be no signs of it. After this period, the palm will begin to reveal the signs and thus the 3 - 5 year process begins.

The most common way this disease is spread is through contaminated blades. Fusarium is commonly found in soils and other plants. When a saw blade is used on a contaminated tree it becomes contaminated and can transfer the fungus if not properly disinfected. We have treated many infected palm trees and are highly educated in the prevention of spreading this incredibly deadly tree disease. A tip to remember, Fusarium is found in soils as well, therefore saw placement in the soil is just as contagious as trimming away the disease itself.